The Craft of Storytelling for the Stage

Everyone has a story, but crafting the story to captivate an audience is an art that takes practice. NPR's The Moth has made live personal narrative storytelling quite the hip thing around the world and The Hook is producing events in central Iowa to give our community members an opportunity to take the stage to share their own funny, poignant, unbelievable, and true stories. Are you ready to share your story? As Executive Director of The Hook and a professional storyteller, I'm thrilled to lead these generative workshops so that you're ready to hit the stage with your well-crafted stories!

Write Night at Ramsey's Wine Bistro . 1120 7th Ave Marion . 2nd Wendesdays . 7-9 pm

Join us on the second Wednesday each month when we grab a snack, our pens and notepads (or laptops), libations...and we simply WRITE. We'll let you get settled in, offer a prompt or two (for those who want one), and then we'll get out of your way and let you write. No frills, no intense workshopping. Just a chunk of time to write.

You might also find this a nice opportunity to share your writing quietly with someone else, swap ideas, get unstuck. We'll share tidbits of our writing in the last 20 minutes of the evening. We welcome anyone who's willing to exercise their right to write, regardless of skill level or genre! Join us.

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