The Meal that Makes Friends of Strangers
Dinner . Stories . One Home at a Time

Imagine an evening of dinner and stories prepared just for you as engaging entertainment--hilarious, poignant, breathtaking. Join us every other month as we take our storytelling on the road and into the living rooms of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Each evening includes dinner, themed curated stories, and an opportunity for guests to also share their own stories if they feel so inspired (so come prepared to tell your story, too). There is something beautifully intimate about sharing a meal and art in a personal space.


When interviewed by our founder and asked about his childhood, musician T.S. Monk said that the greatest music his father (Thelonious Sphere Monk) ever played with his friends (some of the jazz greats of all time) was never recorded...because it happened in their living room when it was only them, with no recording equipment, and just their instruments, their friendship, and permission to be. So, we invite you to join us in The Living Room.


This, here, now, is how outsiders become insiders and strangers become friends. Share a meal, enjoy stories on the evening's theme. Full homes. Full hearts. Are you in?

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